Convert GPO from AD into Tachyon Instruction XML file

<span itemprop="name">Convert GPO from AD into Tachyon Instruction XML file</span>

This is NOT a Product Pack nor Instruction Set.   It is a script to convert a GPO to an instruction Set

Convert a GPO from AD into a Tachyon Instruction XML file

Product Pack notes:


This script takes a copy of a Group Policy object from Active Directory and converts it
into a Tachyon Instruction that will apply the same group policy as a local group policy on any
computer that runs the instruction. This is most useful for those computers that are not members
of an Active Directory domain.
Before running this script for the first time you must edit the Tachyon.InstructionSigner.exe.conf
file co-located with this script in the package and change the Signing.Subject value to match the
subject name of the Signing certificate installed in the current user’s certificate store.

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