Scheduled tasks


Scheduled tasks represent a vector for malware as well as the potential for impacting system performance if unnecessary scheduled tasks are running on endpoints.

Product Pack notes:



  • What scheduled tasks are configured
  • What scheduled tasks are configured. Aggregate by task name


These questions use the schtask utility to report all configured scheduled tasks. As shown below, it reports the following information

  • The task author, if available
  • Any comment describing the task, if available
  • The time the task last ran, if applicable
  • The logon mode for the task
  • The next run time for the task, if applicable
  • The task schedule
  • The task state
  • The task status
  • The logical name of the task
  • The actual command run by the task

The aggregating version of the question simply aggregates by task name, allowing you to view a count of task instances by task name and then drill down. Note that it is possible for several instances of a task with the same name to run on a single device.

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