The Tachyon Exchange

Where the community can find Tachyon Product Packs and share their own Tachyon Instructions with other 1E community members.

In the digital world, your business demands a lot from IT operations. This demand is unpredictable, urgent, and above all, relentless. You need to be agile enough to move at the pace of any IT incident, security threat or compliance risk.

Tachyon transforms urgent ad-hoc issue identification and resolution time from hours to minutes. Interact live with each of your endpoints as if you were at every device, and schedule instructions to enable powerful automation.

Tachyon can be extended with “Instructions” which are then bundled into “Product Packs” for easier sharing and distribution. Instructions are written in SCALE (Simple Cross-platform Agent Language for Extensibility). This community site allows you to view and download Product Packs. 1E customers and partners can access the SCALE SDK by logging into the 1E support site.

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Latest Product Packs:

This Product Pack contains instructions that relate to other 1E products

Retrieves content from all files with a supplied name regardless of path

This Product Pack contain some useful example instructions around certificate management, historic data, software installation and process that will assist you in creating your own instructions and packs.

This Product Pack contains all of the out of the box Instructions that ship with Tachyon.

This Product Pack contains 2 instructions that will help you verify that Tachyon is working after you have installed at least 1 agent.

Gathers details of hardware, software and configuration from Android Devices

Details information about Apache Struts, including vulnerabilities.

Manage certificates for the Company - ACME NOTE: This XML will need to be edited and remove ACME and replace with the company name

Use Memory Forensics tools to uncover covert malware

Identifies systems that could be effected by the Linux CVE-2017-7494 vulnerability

This Product Pack contains instructions that will be used with the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager console extensions that are included in the Tachyon Toolkit