The Tachyon Exchange

Trusted solutions to real world threats.

The increased volume and sophistication of security threats are outpacing the ability of organizations to investigate and remediate incidents. Unpredictable and urgent demands from IT incidents, security threats and compliance initiatives, relentlessly drives security and operations teams to get more done, faster.

The Tachyon Instruction Management Studio (TIMS) makes it easy to extend and automate Tachyon solutions. Using our SQL-like language (SCALE), community contributors can bundle instruction sets into “Product Packs” for easier sharing with the growing Tachyon Exchange community.

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Effectivley deal with Wanna-Cry ransomware across your entire environment with ease. Contains both preventative and maintenance counter measures to deploy in real-time.

A ready-to-use set of questions and instructions to automate common Windows sys admin functions.

Track software installations over a period of time and indentify bottlenecks in deployments.

Gain insight into your environment by providing a count of devices and software within your organization, grouped by platform, version, title, etc.

Identifies systems that could be affected by the Linux CVE-2017-7494 (SambaCry) vulnerability.

Quarantine selected Windows devices on your network to minimize your security risk.

Provide mitigation for the Escalation of Privilege vulnerability (SA-00075) on Intel AMT devices.

Identify expiring security certificates and easily replace them with updates.

Get insight into the usage of SaaS applications in your environment by analysing activity. Supports popular SaaS tools and can be extended easily.