The Tachyon Exchange

Trusted solutions for complete Modern Endpoint Management

Endpoints are hard to manage. Between cyber threats, proliferating devices, a mobile workforce, and our ever-increasing reliance on software, IT Operations has never faced higher stakes or greater expectations. However, by augmenting legacy systems with technology that simplifies, automates, and accelerates everyday tasks, IT Operations can deliver the services every organization wants and needs.

The Tachyon Instruction Management Studio (TIMS) makes it easy to extend and automate Tachyon solutions. Using our SQL-like language (SCALE), community contributors can bundle instruction sets into “Product Packs” for easier sharing with the growing Tachyon Exchange community.

Latest Products Packs

Assess your environment and get recommendations for securing your Windows 10 estate. Also check & repair the health of Configuration Manager.

Simplify managing and applying restore points for shadow storage across the entire organization.

Identify if a patch for the Meltdown or Spectre vulnerabilities has been applied and whether your processors may be vulnerable. Compare endpoint performance before and after patch.

Implements an authorization workflow to make LAPS more secure.
Operations Products Packs

Implements an authorization workflow to make LAPS more secure.

Measure internet speeds from an endpoint's perspective to identify potential bottlenecks.

Identify machines likely to be impacted by BadRabbit cryptoware malware by looking for indicators of compromise.

Quickly find files by device, and easily manage file permission settings in bulk.
Security Products Packs

A collection of commonly used Tachyon questions and instructions. Also useful as an introduction to building your own Product Packs.

A collection of all available out of the box instructions that ship with Tachyon. Useful as a reference or learning tool.

Verify that your newly deployed Tachyon environment is configured to operate correctly.

Quickly generate a live summary of all Android devices and associated configuration settings in your environment.