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Smart Device Refresh

What devices should be replaced this year with the limited budget available. Which departments or colleagues need a device upgrade? Several colleagues have logged service tickets for slowness and other device performance issues but which are most critical? Data driven hardware refresh based on both hardware and software performance. Includes software crashes, operating hangs & crashes and disk failures events.  The Smart Device Refresh product pack sets a score based on events that occur on the devices and makes a recommendation to either Monitor (score between 0 & 10), Rebuild (score between 10 & 50) or Replace (score above 50).
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1E Base Pack

This is the base pack for the SAAS environment which can be uploaded through Tachyon Product pack deployment tool.
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This product pack will mitigate the Follina vulnerability in milliseconds with 1E. Zero-day exploits that can run without requiring elevated privileges which do not have available patches out quickly, and which allow the bad actor to install software and make other arbitrary changes to devices, are about as bad as they come.
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Login Monitoring

This is an integrated product pack which stores the login duration and impact to monitor the user login performance for better end user experience.
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1E Nomad Client Health

The Nomad Client Health Policy verifies common Nomad requirements such as ACP registration, disk availability, firewall exceptions, crash notifications and cache monitoring. The Nomad client health policy replaces the client health tile in the Nomad dashboard plus additional remediation steps. This policy is intended for deployment to Windows devices only.
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USB Management

USB drives, USB keys or thumb drives whatever you call them they can be useful but they need to be managed so data is not unknowingly taken out of your environment or software is not installed from them.
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Microsoft OneDrive Management

This integrated product pack contains a policy that can help in increasing user’s productivity by resolving common issues with OneDrive.
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BitLocker Management

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