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Windows Endpoint Performance

This Product Pack contains GS policy, rules, and instructions which provides real-time performance visibility and diagnosis tools for non-compliant machines. The product pack monitors endpoint performance in real-time & identifies problems in applications, agents, and configuration settings.
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Microsoft OneDrive

This product pack contains the instructions to get the details of configured OneDrive on end-user devices and also checks the bad files in a specific folder with specified file size and path length.
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BadRabbit Vulnerability

This product pack contains the instruction to identify the machines that are likely to be impacted by BadRabbit malware by looking for indicators of compromise.
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This product pack contains instructions that help to find and tag the documents or spreadsheets which contains PII (with/without match context) and matches the GDPR rules. Currently, the rules matches six patterns.
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This product pack contains instructions that provides the historical information about network usage, energy usage, resource usage, process activity by user, application usage, etc. Windows 10 SRU database is an Extensible Storage Engine database which stores forensic information on historical application activity.
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1E Virtual Assistant

Significantly reduce the number of service desk tickets by empowering users to self-heal common issues with the 1E Virtual Assistant, whether in the office or at home.
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Outlook Management

This Product Pack will allow us to ensure that a standard "outlook" profile exists on the end-user devices and make sure it is the default Outlook profile.
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Windows Firewall

This Product Pack provides functionality to effectively manage Firewall Rule configurations on end-user machines to strengthen end-user device security.
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