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This product pack will mitigate the Follina vulnerability in milliseconds with 1E Tachyon. Zero-day exploits that can run without requiring elevated privileges which do not have available patches out quickly, and which allow the bad actor to install software and make other arbitrary changes to devices, are about as bad as they come.
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This is an integrated product pack which stores the login duration and impact to monitor the user login performance for better end user experience.
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Nomad Client Health

The Nomad Client Health Policy verifies common Nomad requirements such as ACP registration, disk availability, firewall exceptions, crash notifications and cache monitoring. The Nomad client health policy replaces the client health tile in the Nomad dashboard plus additional remediation steps. This policy is intended for deployment to Windows devices only.
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USB Management

This integrated product pack contains policies and instructions that enable an organization to get the details of USB configuration status (returns Enabled or Disabled) and allows administrators to enable/disable the use of a removable USB storage device on a timed basis.
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OneDrive Management

This integrated product pack contains a policy that can help in increasing user’s productivity by resolving common issues with OneDrive.
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This integrated product pack contains a policy that enables organization to protect computers and drives against data breaches and intrusions by making sure that BitLocker is always enabled on the managed devices. The policy will check the state of BitLocker and if it is not enabled then fix will enable the BitLocker for all the fixed drives. The recovery key will be stored in TPM.
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Log4j Vulnerability

This product pack is intended to address various aspects of CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046 or CVE-2021-45105, collectively known as the log4j vulnerability.
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Linux Package Management

This product pack performs several daily administrative operations (like listing configurations, modifying repositories, auto-clean cache, etc.) related to Linux packages which help Linux admins to manage the endpoint Linux devices in an efficient way.
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