Security Products Packs

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We demonstrate Tachyon integration with a number of forensic frameworks, including the Rekall memory forensic framework. Running processes are retrieved and we note that terminated processes are also listed, a…

Scheduled tasks represent a vector for malware as well as the potential for impacting system performance if unnecessary scheduled tasks are running on endpoints.

Audit and control the use of Chrome extensions from third parties that may install adware and other spyware.

Discover device local accounts that share a common password and find local accounts that have passwords that are trivially discoverable by an attacker.

Identify if a patch for the Meltdown or Spectre vulnerabilities has been applied and whether your processors may be vulnerable. Compare endpoint performance before and after patch.

Implements an authorization workflow to make LAPS more secure.

Identifies endpoints which are potentially vulnerable to Intel SA00086.

Identify machines likely to be impacted by BadRabbit cryptoware malware by looking for indicators of compromise.

A collection of commonly used Tachyon questions and instructions. Also useful as an introduction to building your own Product Packs.

A collection of all available out of the box instructions that ship with Tachyon. Useful as a reference or learning tool.

Verify that your newly deployed Tachyon environment is configured to operate correctly.

Quickly generate a live summary of all Android devices and associated configuration settings in your environment.