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Microsoft Excel

Solve performance issues with Microsoft Excel
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PowerShell Health Check

This product pack allows to check a number of registry and file settings and then executes a test PowerShell script in order to confirm that the subsystem is installed and operational.
0 50

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager Client

This product pack contains instructions which enable an organization to effectively monitor and manage their devices with respect to Configuration Manager clients present on them.
1 70

Device Performance

This product pack has instructions that will help organizations to gather the high usage of CPU, disk, IO, memory, paging & threads for their devices.
0 164

Intel AMT Vulnerability

This product pack provides detection capabilities for the Intel AMT vulnerability which was recently disclosed.
0 30

Patch Management

0 115

1E Windows Servicing Suite

This product pack contains instructions that will enable admins to invoke automated OS deployment with 1E’s Windows Servicing Suite. With this pack the 1E Windows Servicing Assistant wizard can be launched on any device for the currently logged in user to self-serve an OS deployment.
0 31

End-user Interaction

This product pack is to notify the end-users with some popup notification with caption, some text message or information. It also allows end-users to select start-up apps from popup window so that they can decide which apps to disable. This might help with reducing boot times.
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