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1E Virtual Assistant

Significantly reduce the number of service desk tickets by empowering users to self-heal common issues with the 1E Virtual Assistant, whether in the office or at home.
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Outlook Management

This Product Pack will allow us to ensure that a standard "outlook" profile exists on the end-user devices and make sure it is the default Outlook profile.
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Windows Firewall

This Product Pack provides functionality to effectively manage Firewall Rule configurations on end-user machines to strengthen end-user device security.
0 56

Microsoft Teams

This Product Pack contains GS policy, rules, and instructions that help solving problems related to Microsoft Teams such as slowness, freezes or crashes on end user machines for a smooth experience.
1 59

Windows Security

This product pack contains instructions that help fetch the device and user security settings from the endpoint devices and modify those security settings as well.
0 29

Skype for Business

This product pack contains instructions that help you manage Skype for Business by fetching the presence of any errors in the application logs and by performing network assessment while using the application.
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Local Admin

Remotely manage end-user access to local admin rights so they can perform tasks such as: installing a printer on their device - saving time and effort spent managing their device directly. This pack also includes a policy that will automatically remove those local admin rights after a certain time - reducing security concerns.
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Windows Client Health

Over time Windows devices can develop performance problems related to device or service availability. This policy verifies the available storage capacity on devices, notifies of application crashes, monitors WMI health and service function and also checks the behavior of core Windows services. This policy is intended for deployment to Windows devices only.
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