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Windows Driver Updates

Define and maintain a list of approved drivers for use on the end-user devices in your company network. Using the approved drivers list, find the available updates from HP and Dell driver repositories and/or Microsoft WSUS. The list of updated drivers will then be installed automatically on end-user devices (local or remote). This Product Pack provides visibility of the drivers in use across your enterprise, saves you time and effort of maintaining driver updates, reduces security concerns by ensuring that only the latest drivers are in use - thereby increasing stability.
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Nomad Client Health

The Nomad Client Health Policy verifies common Nomad requirements such as ACP registration, disk availability, firewall exceptions, crash notifications and cache monitoring. The Nomad client health policy replaces the client health tile in the Nomad dashboard plus additional remediation steps. This policy is intended for deployment to Windows devices only.
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MS-SCCM Patch Policy

The Microsoft SCCM Patch Policy reports the missing and deployed patch status on end-user devices. It also shows the status of the Configuration Manager client health – specifically it checks: Configuration Manager service is running, space usage for the Configuration Manager client cache, Windows Update scan status and that the WMI classes associated with Configuration Manager exist.
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Windows Security Profile

Report device compliance regarding the status of the Credential Guard, Smartscreen, Bitlocker, Windows Update and Windows Defender Antivirus security components of the Microsoft Operating System as compared against a configurable reference baseline. This will increase security across your enterprise and minimise opportunities for cyberattacks.
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MEMCM Client Health

The MEMCM Client Health policy monitors Configuration Manager client health and performance. It checks for cache availability, inventory cycles, service availability and Configuration Manager WMI integrity - common causes of Configuration Manager client problems on devices. The MEMCM Client Health policy replaces the previous SCCM Client Health policy. Note: This policy is intended for deployment to Windows devices only.
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Troubleshoot and solve issues related to Solumina
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The Samba change log is viewed to determine whether fix is available or not and then the Samba update is applied to the target devices.
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Microsoft Outlook

This product pack has instructions that help fix the Outlook PST files for the target devices.
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