Skype For Business Network Assessment Tool Deploy and Run

Assess your network readiness for Skype for Business, by automating the Microsoft Skype for Business Network Assessment Tool.


Microsoft provides a tool which will assess the network for throughput, packet loss and jitter. It is intended to verify the network readiness and suitability for use with Skype for Business. This information is useful in making deployment decisions relating to Skype for Business. Updated to include No reboot during installation of pre-reqs.


Product Pack Notes


  • Run Microsoft Skype Network Assessment Tool

A typical result set is shown below. When the instruction is run, the network assessment tool is downloaded and installed if not already present on the endpoint. It is then executed and the resulting TSV analysis file is then parsed.

Then a WMI ping query is made to identify the default gateway, and the results are merged to produce the final result set

The assessment tool may return no results when run on Windows 2012R2 server endpoints. This is a known issue with the tool and requires certain prerequisite roles and features to be installed. Because this instruction is designed to be minimally intrusive, it does not attempt to install these prerequisites.

For more information on this issue, see the link below

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