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Skype For Buisness Configuration

To help pull back the current configuration of Skype for Business clients, the same as you get by right clicking on the Skype Icon with CTRL held down. Pull back Configured Audio devices etc. This would help with narrowing down end user issues. Read More →


Missing Software

It would be good to have a quick query for Software which isn’t installed on machines. Background: our security team wants to quickly find machines where their security tool isn’t installed. The field for the software should be free text.Read More →


Skype for Business Network Assessment Tools

Hi Team, Do you think we could use Tachyon to run S4B Network Assessment Tools against a few workstations worldwide against Dedicated to capture a baseline on where we are today, and do tRead More →


Invoke a web service and parse the json responses

I have a local service that is hosting in http/https://localhost/blah/method how can I invoke this and return the results as json or ensure that data comes back. example: the 1E Shopping Agent created a self hosted web app. and I need to verify that Read More →