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What is a product pack?

Product pack is a collection of automation scripts written in SCALE (Tachyon's native language) that serve a common theme of use cases.


Instruction enable you to collect data through "Questions" or make changes through "Actions" across any of the devices in your organisation


Policies allow you to easily check and enforce a configuration state on a device. They work with 1E's Guaranteed State. Policies consist of "Rules" that allow you to either "Check" or "Fix" a desired state.

Example of an instruction:




Get details for the Desktop directories on the device

Readable Payload

Get details for the Desktop directories on the device matching optional DesktopPath %DesktopPath%Sid%Sid% and/or Username %Username%

Usage Frequency
Time Saved
15 hours

We define value on the basis of three factors: usage, time savings and business criticality. A product pack becomes more valuable if the issue it solves occurs frequently, is tedious to solve manually and effects devices that are critical to the business.

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Learn about SCALE

SCALE is a powerful interpreted programming language, and it is from this language that Tachyon instructions (question and actions) are built. The language is cross-platform, allowing the same instruction to run on different operating systems

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Our customers and users have benefited greatly from the vast library of product packs we have to offer. Moreover, using the request process we can cater to new asks quite fast.

"The speed at which we’re able to get information from endpoints with Tachyon, especially in critical situations, helps us to respond to incidents, and even replace endpoints, quicker and faster than ever…"


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