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Trusted solutions to real world threats.

The increased volume and sophistication of security threats are outpacing the ability of organizations to investigate and remediate incidents. Unpredictable and urgent demands from IT incidents, security threats and compliance initiatives, relentlessly drives security and operations teams to get more done, faster.

The Tachyon Instruction Management Studio (TIMS) makes it easy to extend and automate Tachyon solutions. Using our SQL-like language (SCALE), community contributors can bundle instruction sets into “Product Packs” for easier sharing with the growing Tachyon Exchange community.

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Scenario Scheduled tasks represent a vector for malware as well as the potential for impacting system performance if unnecessary scheduled tasks are running on endpoints.

This is NOT a Product Pack nor Instruction Set.   It is a script to convert a GPO to an instruction Set SYNOPSIS Convert a GPO from AD into a Tachyon Instruction XML file

Scenario Recently some Chrome extension publishers had their extensions hijacked by malicious third parties, who installed adware and possibly other spyware into these extensions. As a consequence, auditing and controlling the use of Chrome extensions…

Scenario   Many software products, e.g Google Chrome, can be installed on a per-user basis. This typically means that a non-privileged user can install the product, with all executable and data files being placed in…

Scenario There are a number of critical registry entries which control Nomad, along with firewall rules, ActiveEfficiency connectivity etc. This product pack will assist in verifying whether any Nomad settings or firewall rules etc. are…

Easily find services with open ports on any device in your environment.

Assess your network readiness for Skype for Business, by automating the Microsoft Skype for Business Network Assessment Tool.

Use Tachyon to easily send notifications or survey questions to Tachyon users and capture their responses.

Assess your environment and get recommendations for securing your Windows 10 estate. Also check & repair the health of Configuration Manager.

Simplify managing and applying restore points for shadow storage across the entire organization.

Identify if a patch for the Meltdown or Spectre vulnerabilities has been applied and whether your processors may be vulnerable. Compare endpoint performance before and after patch.

Identifies endpoints which are potentially vulnerable to Intel SA00086.

Measure internet speeds from an endpoint's perspective to identify potential bottlenecks.

Identify machines likely to be impacted by BadRabbit cryptoware malware by looking for indicators of compromise.

Quickly find files by device, and easily manage file permission settings in bulk.