The Tachyon Exchange

Where the community can find Tachyon Product Packs and share their own Tachyon Instructions with other 1E community members.

In the digital world, your business demands a lot from IT operations. This demand is unpredictable, urgent, and above all, relentless. You need to be agile enough to move at the pace of any IT incident, security threat or compliance risk.

Tachyon transforms urgent ad-hoc issue identification and resolution time from hours to minutes. Interact live with each of your endpoints as if you were at every device, and schedule instructions to enable powerful automation.

Tachyon can be extended with “Instructions” which are then bundled into “Product Packs” for easier sharing and distribution. Instructions are written in SCALE (Simple Cross-platform Agent Language for Extensibility). This community site allows you to view and download Product Packs. 1E customers and partners can access the SCALE SDK by logging into the 1E support site.

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Latest Product Packs:

This question will use the SpeculationControl Powershell module and run the Get-SpeculationControlSettings to get the current status. See for more information

LAPS - the Local Administrator Password Solution - is a Microsoft framework that allows system administrators to remove shared local administrator passwords from their estate and replace them with a randomly assigned complex password that…

Queries Intel SA00086 vulnerability status. This includes scenarios where a successful attacker could: Impersonate the ME/SPS/TXE, thereby impacting local security feature attestation validity. Load and execute arbitrary code outside the visibility of the user and…

Graph response speed endpoint perception for

Identifies machines likely to be impacted by BadRabbit cryptoware malware by looking for indicators of compromise    

Find and manage files as well as manage permissions

This Product Pack contain instructions related to Tachyon Agent diagnostics and configuration

Gathers hardware and software details for importing to AppClarity Web

Useful instructions for IT Management

Identifies systems that could be effected by the Linux CVE-2017-7494 vulnerability

Gathers details of hardware, software and configuration from Android Devices