Linux Account Management

Allows examination, creation, configuration, deletion of user and group accounts on Linux systems.


AddLocalUserOnLinuxActionCreate a user account with entered password
AddUserToGroupOnLinuxActionAdds a local user to a local group
ClearGroupOnLinuxActionRemoves all users from a group but leaves the group in place
CreateGroupOnLinuxActionCreates a local group
DeleteGroupOnLinuxActionDeletes a local group
DeleteLocalUserOnLinuxActionDeletes a local user with the option to keep or delete the home directory
ExpireLinuxPasswordActionForces the account password to be changed at next logon
IsLinuxUserLoggedOnQuestionSCALE to identify if a user is logged on. Only outputs a logged on user.
IsUserLoggedOnQuestionTells you if a user account is on a device, and if it is logged on or not.
LinuxAccountInfoQuestionReturns info on all accounts on all devices (Username, PW Status, Last PW Change, Min PW Age, Max PW Age, PW Change Warning, Expired PW Log Age)
LinuxGroupListQuestionLists local groups
LinuxUserAccountParametersActionSet Min PW Age, Max PW Age, PW Change Warning, Expired PW Log Age for the specified user account
ListGroupOnLinuxQuestionList the members of a group
LockLocalUserOnLinuxActionLock an active user account
RemoveUserFromGroupOnLinuxActionRemove a user from a group
ResetLinuxUserPasswordActionReset the password for a specified user account (unlocks a locked account)
UnlockLocalUserOnLinuxActionUnlock a locked user account
UserLogonHistoryByDeviceQuestionShow user logon history for the past number of days, aggregated by device with the number of logons per device

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